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Co occurring DisordersPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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_________ treatment is coordinated substance abuse and mental health interventions, requiring modifications to the traditional approach to both.
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Integrated treatment
_________ describes a the phenomenon of re-emerging psychiatric symptoms that lead to ineffective coping strategies which cause anxiety, substance use to avoid painful feelings and adverse consequences. These lead to attempted abstinence until the psychiatric symptoms emerge once more.
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Relapse cycle
_________ is a conceptual framework that classifies patients with co-occurring disorders according to symptom severity, not diagnosis.
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Quadrants of Care
_________ treatment moves the patient toward recovery thought engagement, persuasion/motivation, active treatment and relapse prevention.
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Stage-wise treatment
___________ is a part of stage wise treatment where a treatment relationship and motivation to make behavior changes and commit to treatment are achieved.
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After a relapse, what can further a patient's engagement in the treatment process?
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Readmission and clear, realistic goals
What are the two main challenges in engaging patients with co-occurring disorders in treatment?
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Developing relationships with the patient and their lack of motivation
________ is usually the first step toward a goal of abstinence.
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Harm reduction
________ behavior by a patient with co-occurring disorders is considered part of the engagement process.
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What are motivational interventions?
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One to several sessions delivered within a few weeks or less where a patient is motivated to become involved in treatment.
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In __________ treatment, delivery of services occur in the community rather than a clinic and providers share case-loads, have 24-hour responsibility for their patients, and provide directly for most service.
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Assertive community treatment
What is included in relapse prevention for patients with co-occurring disorders?
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Providing/finding living situations that provide meaningful opportunities and the acquisition of supports/skills, help in making meaningful changes like finding work and friends that are abstinent, creation of long-term supports and individualized, specific treatments.
What is an integral thing to assess in patients with co-occurring disorders?
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Determination of the patient's willingness to change or their level of motivation for treatment.
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