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Personality and Impulse DisordersPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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___________ disorder is an impulse-control disorder characterized by chronic, self-destructive hair pulling that results in noticeable hair loss along the scalp, eyebrows or eyelashes.
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What medical conditions can result from trichotillomania?
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Anorexia, stomach pain, anemia, obstruction, or peritonitis (because they often swallow the hair they pull)
At what ages does trichotillomania typically present?
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Before age 5 or in adolescence
Patients with cluster _______ disorders often alienate themselves from others and benefit from interventions such as social skills training, environmental management and cognitive skill building.
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Cluster A
Patients with cluster ________ disorders have difficulties with emotional regulation or being able to recognize and control the expression of their feelings.
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Cluster B
Patients with cluster _______ disorders demonstrate anxieties and fears.
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Cluster C
T/F Impulse control disorders are considered personality disorders.
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