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The preschool period refers to children aged...
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3-6 years old
What is the most significant lifestyle change for children aged 3-6?
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Going to school where they experience brief and prolonged separation from family
What is the average weight gain for preschool children?
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4.5-6.5 lbs. a year
What is the average height increase per year for preschoolers?
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Increases of 2 1/2-3 1/2 inches a year
What cardiovascular changes can occur during the preschool period?
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An innocent heart murmur may be heard on auscultation, splitting of the second heart sound may be evident. Heart rate decreases and BP goes up slightly.
According to Erikson, what is the major psychosocial stage of development for preschoolers?
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Initiative vs. Guilt
According to Erikson, how is initiative supported in preschoolers?
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It is supported when a preschooler feels a sense of accomplishment from succeeding in activities and from feeling the subsequent pride.
According to Erikson, when might a child experience guilt?
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When the child extends himself further than current capabilities allow.
According to Freud, what stage of development are preschoolers in?
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Phallic. This is the time when the foundation for moral development, understanding right from wrong develops. This is when the oedipal/electra stages and complexes come into play.
Freud's term for a son's jealousy and rivalry towards his father is ________.
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Oedipal stage
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Freud's term for a daughter's jealousy and rivalry towards her mother is ________.
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Electra stage
Freud's term for a son's love towards his mother is _________.
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Oedipus complex
Freud's term for a daughter's love of her father is _________.
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Electra complex
According to Freud, how is the phallic stage of psychosocial development resolved?
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When a child develops a strong identification with the same sex parent, usually towards the end of preschool years.
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