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Which of the following interventions lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)? A. Keeping the window open if smoking near the infant B. Placing the infant in the supine position for sleeping C. Letting the infant sleep with the parents instead of alone in crib D. Making certain infant is kept very warm while sleeping
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B. The Back to Sleep Campaign is credited with reducing the rate of SIDS in the United States.
The nurse is instructing a group of parents about head injuries in children. The nurse should explain that infants are particularly vulnerable to acceleration-deceleration head injuries because: A. Anterior fontanel is not yet closed. B. Nervous tissue is not well developed. C. Scalp of head has extensive vascularity. D. Musculoskeletal support of head is insufficient.
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D. The relatively large head size coupled with insufficient musculoskeletal support increases the risk to infants of acceleration-deceleration head injuries.
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