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Lecture 3

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Why does cobalamin deficiency lead to anemia?
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deficiency causes abnormal DNA and enlarged RBC's
What can you expect if you have a decrease in WBC's?
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What is the primary function of leukocytes?
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To protect against infection and mediate inflammatory response
T or F, monocytes function as phagocytes?
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T or F, Acute leukemia has a slower onset?
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False, faster onset.
What's the difference between segs and bands?
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Segs are the mature form of neutrophil and bands are the immature form.
What is clot dissolution?
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It reestablishes blood flow in vessel. tissue healing.
What happens during clot retraction?
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serum gest squeezed fromclot , so clot gets smaller and edges of broken vessel are pulled together/joined.
What is blood coagulation?
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It's the development of fibrin clot to stabilize platelet plug by either the intrinsic pathway or extrinsic pathway.
What increases the risk of getting DIC?
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already having a critical illness
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What is hemophilia A and what causes it?
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decreased factor VIII. It is the deficiency or non function of procoagulation factors. P/C factors: Liver disease vitamin K deficiency hereditary disorders increased consumption of clotting factors
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