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Qualitative vs. Quantitative ResearchFoundations of Nursing Reasearch-5th ed.

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Grounded theory was developed from what discipline?
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Ethnography was developed from what discipline?
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Phenomenological research is based on what discipline?
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Grounded theory, ethnography and phenomenological research are qualitative research designs that have specific techniques for ___________.
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Content analysis
_________ is the basic analysis tool of qualitative researchers.
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What is QDAS?
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Software called Qualitative Data Analysis Software that can store and edit data, retrieve segments of text, and assemble data according to themes or categories.
What software programs are available to qualitative researchers to analyze data? (6)
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QDAS ATLAS.ti Ethnograph Hyperresearch N6 NVivo
What is the major benefit to combining qualitative and quantitative research methods?
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It increases the researcher's ability to rule out rival explanations for phenomena.
What is triangulation?
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When qualitative and quantitative research methods are used simultaneously.
T/F? Qualitative research historically has been the perferred research method of nurses.
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False, quantitative research has been the preferred method.
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