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Effective Management in NursingLeading and Managing in Nursing 4th Ed.

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What are the two IOM reports a nurse manager should be familiar with?
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Keeping Patients Safe and Crossing the Quality Chasm/A New Health Care System for the 21st Century
What 6 improvement aims were identified for lower-performing health care sytems?
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-safety in patient practices that help rather than hinder patient care -providing effective patient care grounded in scientific knowledge and eliminating services with no benefit -provide patient centered care that ensures the patient values the clinical decisions -addressing efficiency, including avoidance of energy waste (not just supply waste) -providing timely care -providing equitable care
What two sets of skills does a nurse manager need in order to address staff issues with members of upper management?
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-know who the power sources are and develop a strategy to present information to them -ability to pressure power sources for change implementation
How can a nurse manager lend stability to staff in times of change?
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Consistently follow the core values even if the approach to achievng them changes. Reflect the mission, vision and purpose of the organization
Why is an understanding of business principles important for nurse managers?
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They can become conduits for managin safe, effective, affordable care (and wisely manage resources)
What are the keys to effective case management?
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Coordination of care with identified timeframes for accomplishing appropriate outcomes
What are the three critical resources a nurse manager must be able to plan for and allocate?
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Personnel, finances and technologic access
What organization has developed quality indicators for nurse managers to use to assess their units?
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The ANA. They developed the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)
What is the Nursing Licensure Compact?
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It allows a nurse to have a single licensure that is recognized by compact states (those that participate) allowing greater mobility across states
What are the three major responsibilities of a nurse manager?
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-Maintaining relationships with those above themselves, peers and staff for whom they are accountable -Professionalism -Management of resources
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