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Critical ThinkingFundamentals of Nursing The Art and Science of Nursing Care

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40) T/F A 60 second nurse-patient interaction can enhance or jeopardize human well-being.
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40) True
41) What does it mean for a nurse to be accountable?
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41) Being attentive and responsive to the healthcare needs of the individual patient
42) The ANA Code of Ethics obligates nurses to report:
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42) Professional conduct that is incompetent, unethical or illegal.
43) What is whistle-blowing?
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43) Employees who report their employer's violation of the law to appropriate law enforcement agencies outside the employer's facility.
44) T/F People use critical thinking skills whenever they want to use clear, focused thinking to achieve a result.
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44) True
45) Who developed the list of critical thinking indicators?
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45) Alfaro-Lefebvre
46) What is concept mapping?
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46) An instructional strategy that requires learners to identify, graphically display, and link key concepts
47) What does it mean to be self-aware?
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47) Clarifies biases, inclinations, strengths, and limitations; acknowledges when thinking may be influenced by emotions or self-interest
48) Define genuine?
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48) Authentic self; demonstrates behaviors that indicate stated values
49) Define self-disciplined:
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49) Stays on task as needed, manages time to focus on priorities
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50) Define autonomous:
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50) Shows independent thinking and actions; begins and completes tasks without prodding.
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