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Urinary System CareMedical-Surgical Nursing-7th edition

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Ketones in urine can indicate...
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Dehydration, starvation, excessive aspirin usage, and poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.
What conditions can cause a high specific gravity?
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Increase = concentrated; dehydration, decrease renal blood flow, and increased ADH.
What conditions cause a decreased specific gravity?
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Over hydration, renal disease, and inadequate ADH.
If urine specimens can't be taken to the lab within 15-30 minutes, you should...
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refrigerate it up to 2 hours
If a client is having an intravenous pyelogram or renal arteriogram, you should screen them for _______ to prevent problems.
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iodine/shellfish allergies
What are common responsibilities following a diagnostic study of the urinary tract?
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Assess I and O, observe urine characteristics, and encourage fluids.
Grandma is uncharacteristically confused. You suspect...
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Normal adult urine output is _______ a day.
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1500-1600 mL/day (*less than 30 mL/hr is a sign of renal problems)
What labs can be done to ensure the kidneys are working properly?
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GFR (glomular filtration rate) - should be greater than 60. Creatinine Clearance - would be elevated (higher than 1.4) if there is a problem.
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