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ARDS and Respiratory FailureMedical-Surgical Nursing-7th edition

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What lung sounds are associated with pleural effusion?
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Diminished or absent lung sounds
What lung sound is associated with pneumonia?
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Bronchial sounds over the lung periphery
For a patient with ARDS, enteral nutrition should begin within _______ days of admission.
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24 hours
What are two steps that can prevent hypoxemia secondary to suctioning?
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Hyperoxygenate prior and limit each suctioning pass to 10 seconds or less.
What are the two most common triggers of deaths in patients with ARDS?
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Sepsis or pneumonia
ARDS develops from a/an _________ injury.
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What is the first step in treating a V/Q mismatch?
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Oxygen therapy
_______ coughing prevents the glottis from closing during a cough and clears central airways and mobilizes secretions.
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What type of respiratory failure from result from airway obstruction or the air trapping associated with asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis?
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Tachycardia and hypertension are early or late signs of respiratory failure?
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What symptom suggests hypercapnia has occurred during the night?
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Severe morning headaches
What is paradoxic breathing and what does it signify?
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Abdomen and the chest move out during exhalation and in during inspiration. This signifies severe respiratory distress.
_______ is an outcome frequently associated with pulmonary aspiration of enteral feedings.
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