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Burns and Burn TreatmentMedical-Surgical Nursing-7th edition

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How should a graft be cared for?
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Fine-mesh gauze on the graft. Middle and outer dressings. Keep skin graft sheets free of blebs.
Which groups of people have the highest mortality rates associated with burns?
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Children 4 and under. Adults over 55.
Circumferential burns of the extremities can lead to _______.
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Circulatory compromise. Can also lead to compartment syndrome.
Electrical current that passes through _______ produce more life threatening sequelae.
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vital organs
The _______ phase of burn management is the period of time required to resolve immediate problems resulting from burn injuries.
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_______ of burn victims should have no areas of pressure, therefore use of pillows in this area are contraindicated.
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_______ speeds up removal of dead tissue from a healthy wound bed of a burn.
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Enzymatic debridement
During the acute phase, partial thickness wounds form _______. Full thickness wounds require _______.
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eschar (once removed epithelialization begins); debridement required because of tissue necrosis and increased risk of infection.
What 4 factors determine burn severity?
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Depth, extent, location, and patient r/f.
Depth of Burn? Subcutaneous tissue destruction. Dry, white or cherry red wound bed. Painless burn, no blanching. Thrombosed vessels.
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Full thickness
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_______ antibiotics are not used typically for burn patients unless sepsis develops.
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IV antibiotics. The capillaries are burned and cannot deliver medications adequately to the wound.
What is the most common type of burn?
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Thermal (flame, flash, scalds, or contact with a hot object)
Heat _______ and _______ determine the extent of thermal burn injuries.
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Intensity and exposure time.
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