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Elimination AlterationsMedical-Surgical Nursing-7th edition

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Macedo-Malone Antegrade Continence Enemas (MACE) are used in people with...
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Neuropathic or structural abnormalities of the sphincter
Observable peristaltic waves are a sign of...
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an obstruction
Normal bowel sounds occur every _______ and last a second to several seconds.
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5-15 seconds
_______ bowel sounds occur with small intestine obstruction or inflammation.
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Hyperactive (35 or more a minute)
Impairment of the small intestine alters the digestive process resulting in _______ and _______ deficiencies.
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electrolyte and nutrient deficiencies
The duodenum processes _______ from the stomach. The jejunum absorbs _______ and the ileum absorbs _______.
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duodenum = chyme; jejunum = carbs and proteins; ileum = certain vitamins, iron and bile salts
Tests for measuring fecal fat require a _______ collection of stool.
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3-5 day
True or False? Sterile technique when administering an enema is unnecessary because the colon contains bacteria.
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True, but wear gloves!
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