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Hemodynamic MonitoringMedical-Surgical Nursing-7th edition

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________ assists the nurse in determining fluid volume overload or depletion versus cardiac pump malfunction post abdominal aortic aneurysm grafting.
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Hemodynamic monitoring
Where should a Swan-Ganz be placed for balancing and how frequently is it done?
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Phlebostatic angle (the mid-axillary line) every four hours
What does a central venous pressure measure?
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The right atrium or the superior vena cava pressure
The Swan Ganz is used in the ICU to guide __________ administration.
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IV fluid
What medications can decrease afterload in patients on a Swan-Ganz catheter (4)?
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Nipride, prazosin, Captopril, hydralazine
What is a major side effect of Nipride/nitroprusside?
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Profound hypotension
What is the drug of choice to increase cardiac output without increasing the blood pressure?
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Nitroprusside/Nipride. It is given with a contractile agent.
What is a contraindication for Nipride/nitroprusside?
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How does Nipride/nitroprusside increase cardiac output?
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It decreases afterload (the resistance in the aorta) by causing the heart muscle to tense (but not contract).
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