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Quantitative Nursing ResearchFoundations of Nursing Research-5th Ed.

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________ studies are conducted in special environments created by a researcher. The researcher attempts to control the environment as much as problem.
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Laboratory studies
________ studies are conducted in 'real life' situations, not allowing for much control.
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Field Studies
________ studies are considered laboratory studies.
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What are the 7 guidelines for Critiquing Quantitative Research designs?
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1. Is the design clearly identified in the research report? 2. Is the design appropriate to test the study hypothesis(es) or answer the research questions? 3. If the study used an experimental design, was the most appropriate design used? 4. If the study used an experimental design, what means were used to control for threats to internal validity? External validity? 5. Does the research design allow the researcher to draw a cause-and-effect relationship between the variables? 6. If t
What is the MAJOR consideration when critiquing a research design?
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-the ability of the study design to test the hypothesis/research question
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