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What is the recommended daily intake of sodium for a patient that has heart failure?
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2.5 g
What foods, because of their high sodium content, should be severely restricted for a patient who has severe heart failure and should only be consuming 500-1000 mg of sodium daily?
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Milk, cheese, bread, cereals, canned soup, canned veggies
What is an important tool for patients with heart failure to use in order to monitor fluid retention?
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They should weigh themselves daily at the same time each day, using the same scale, before breakfast, while wearing the same type of clothing
What amount of weight gain in a patient with heart failure warrants a call to the doctor?
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3 lbs. over 2 days, or 3-5 lbs. over a week
A pulse rate lower than ______bpm may be a contraindication for taking a digitalis or beta adrenergic blocker.
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What are the matches that a donor heart needs to have with the recipient of a heart transplant?
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Body and heart size, negative lymphocyte crossmatch, CMV + to CMV + or CMV- to CMV-
What is the maximum amount of time that can pass from donor heart harvest to transplantation?
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4-6 hours
What medications are used as maintenance medications for immunosuppression in cardiac transplant patients?
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Cyclosporine and corticosteroids
What is done to monitor a patient for heart rejection following a transplant?
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An endomyocardial biopsy is done weekly for a month, monthly for 6 months, and yearly thereafter
Where is an endocardial biopsy typically taken from?
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The right ventricle via the right jugular vein
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What is the Heartsbreath test?
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Methylated alkalines in a patient's breath is measured to assess the probability of heart transplant rejection. Can separate stages of rejection, used with an endomyocardial biopsy.
What are the concerns following a heart transplant?
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Infection and rejection initially, lymphoma, coronary artery vasculopathy or other malignancies are worries later
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