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________ are usually referred to as spider veins and are very small, visible vessels that appear bluish-black, red or purple.
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What is the most common symptom of varicose veins?
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Ache or pain after prolonged standing that is relieved by walking or limb elevation
What tool is the most widely used to identify deep varicose veins?
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Duplex ultrasounds
What should a nurse encourage a patient to do after vein ligation surgery?
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Take deep breaths to promote venous return to the heart
What is done postoperatively after a vein ligation surgery by the nurse?
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Encourages deep breathing, elevates leg 15 degrees to prevent edema, apply compression stockings and remove q8 hours for short periods, assesses pulse, temp., cap refill, color, movement, sensation
When should a patient apply compression stockings each day?
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While laying down before getting up in the morning
What are the s/s of Chronic Venous Insufficiency?
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Leathery lower leg, brawny/hemosiderin deposition, edema, stasis dermatitis (eczema), itchiness, warm to the touch
What is the standard treatment for chronic venous insufficiency?
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Compression therapy via wraps, Unna boot, stockings, etc.
What type of wound care is required for a venous ulcer?
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Moist dressings like hydrocolloid, hydrogels, foams, calcium aginates, gauze moistened with saline, or impregnated gauze
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