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GI NutritionFundamentals of Nursing

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Food borne disease contracted from undercooked meat. Can cause renal failure?
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E. coli
Food borne disease contracted from improperly home canned foods, smoked/salted fish, ham, sausage, and shellfish. Can cause death within 24 hours?
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Botulism (C. botulinum)
For a client that has had oral surgery, what are the priorities related to nutrition?
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Comfort and pain control
What is the priority related to nutrition for the post-operative patient?
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Resumption of bowel function
What is the priority of care with respect to nutrition for the perioperative patient?
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Provide optimal preoperative support in clients with malnutrition
True or False: GERD can cause aspiration.
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A client on aspiration precautions should remain upright for ____ after eating.
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30 minutes.
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