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Ostomies and EnemasFundamentals of Nursing

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A soapsuds enema uses ____ soap. A high enema cleanses ____ and a low enema cleanses ____.
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Pure castile soap, high=whole colon, low=rectum and sigmoid
True or False: sterile technique when administering an enema is unnecessary because the colon contains bacteria.
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True, but you should still wear gloves.
Which types of NG tubes are usually used for gastric decompression?
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Large bore, 12 Fr and up **Salem sump tube is preferred**
The pigtail on a Salem Sump tube used for decompression, should never be?..
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clamped, connected to suction, used for irrigation
____ technique is required for NG tube insertion.
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What is the greatest problem for a client related to their NG tube?
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Maintaining comfort, very irritation to nasal mucosa
True or False: Any change in tube position (NG) requires verification of placement.
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True or False: A client with an NG tube shouldn't be moved to prevent displacement.
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False. Turning a client regularly helps to collapse gastric secretion channels and promotes emptying of stomach contents.
Stool discharged from a stoma is called _____.
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True or False: Enemas are used to irrigate left-sided colostomies.
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False. A special cone tipped irrigation is used **never use an enema**
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Clients with ileostomies need to be on ____ diet to allow the small bowel to adapt to the diversion.
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Low-fiber (bread, noodles, rice, eggs, lean meats, fish, poultry). After it heals, can eat whatever.
Ostomy skin barriers typically stay in place ____ days.
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3 to 7
The greatest danger from diarrhea is the development of ____ and ____ imbalances.
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fluid and electrolytes
A cleansing enema is ordered for a 55 year old. The maximal amount of fluid given is?
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750-1000 mL
During an enema a client expresses pain. There's blood in the return fluid and the client has rectal bleeding. You should?
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Stop instillation and obtain vital signs
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