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Psychiatric Nursing ProcessPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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What populations are especially receptive to token economies?
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People who are developmentally disabled or have severe or persistent mental illness. It also works with aggressive patients.
____________ is an educational strategy to teach skills with the goal of changing knowledge and behavior by adapting teaching strategies to a patient's capabilities.
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What is the key to providing a spiritual intervention?
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Being with and not doing for a patient.
________ support is the process of assisting patients to feel balanced and connected within their relationships, involves listening to expressions of lonliness, using empathy and providing patients with desired spiritual articles.
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Spiritual support
In ________ therapy, the design of the physical surroundings, structure of patient activities, and promotion of a stable social structure and cultural setting enhances the setting's therapeutic potential.
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Milieu therapy
What are the general key concepts of milieu therapy?
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Containment, validation, structured interaction, and open communication.
The process of providing safety and security, including access to food and shelter is referred to as?
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_______ is a process that affirms patient individuality, reaffirms a patient's humanity and human rights. It is a component of milieu therapy.
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Validation (patients must believe that staff members truly like and respect them)
Purposeful interaction that allows patients to interact with others in a useful way is a tenant of milieu therapy. This is referred to as?
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Structured interaction
_________ is the ongoing assessment of the patient's mental statys to identify and subvert any potential problems. It involves continual monitoring.
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_________ is an interactive process of calming and redirecting a person and involves calmly calling to a patient/individual and asking them to leave a negative situation while avoiding rushing or giving orders.
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Involuntary confinement for the purpose of maintaining a patient's safety or to obtain behavioral management is called?
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Seclusion (this is considered an extremely negative event by the patient and most places are seeking alternatives)
What governs the use of seclusion and restraints?
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Medicare regulations contained in the Patient's Rights Condition of Participation (CoP)
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