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Mood DisordersPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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What is the boxed warning for Lamotrigine/Lamictal?
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Skin rash, which can be a sign of Stephens Johnson syndrome
What type of medication is typically prescribed for a patient who is experiencing acute mania and who is very agitated?
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A benzodiazepine
What are some major teaching points for a nurse to cover with a patient on Lithium?
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Ensure they know that changes in salt intake will impact therapeutic levels, if the patient experiences excessive perspiration, increased exercise, or dehydration they should INCREASE their salt. They should also know weight gain is common.
How does valproate/Depakote or carbamazepine/Tegretol impact ECT?
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They both elevate the seizure threshold, requiring adjustments in treatment.
What terms are used to evaluate the quality of mood experienced by a patient with mania?
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Elated, grandiose, irritated, agitated
What are the goals of psychosocial interventions for patients with bipolar disorder?
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Address risk factors and associated features that are difficult to address with pharmacotherapy alone and to improve medication adherence.
What are the topics of psyschoeducation for patients with bipolar disorder?
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Provide information on the condition, successful treatment, recovery, the importance of medication adherence, how to recognize warning signs/symptoms of relapse, how to cope with residual symptoms and functional impairments, and health teaching (especiall
What are the goals of psychotherapy when treating a patient with bipolar disorder?
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Reduce stressors and increase the patient's acceptance of their need for medication.
You have a patient with bipolar disorder requiring hospital admittance. He is presenting with signs and symptoms of mania. What consideration should you make with regard to room assignments?
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Try to get him in a private room. Patients that are manic tend to irritate others and miss anger/aggressive cues from others.
What is the major goal of family interventions for a family of a patient with bipolar disorder?
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Helping the family to cope with and understand the disorder
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Dysthymia means?
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A sense of sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest and fatigue, also referred to as depressive
Dysphoria means?
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Exaggerated feelings of elation or irritability, also referred to as manic
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