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Psych Nursing TheoriesPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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The theory of transpersonal caring was developed by __________.
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Jean Watson
The ________theory emphasizes the importance of sensitivity to self and others, the development of helping and trusting relations, the promotion of interpersonal teaching and learning and provision for supportive, protective and corrective mental, physica
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theory of transpersonal caring
_________ is the term used to describe Jean Watson's foundational concept of a relational process related to philosophic, moral and spirital foundations of a nurse.
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Transpersonal Caring-Healing Relations
_________ is the term used to describe Jean Watson's foundational concept of the assumptions and processes involved in caring.
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Clinical Caritas Process
_________ is the term used to describe Jean Watson's foundational concept of a field of consciousness created when the nurse focuses on love and caring as her way of being and consciously manifests a healing presence with others.
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Caritas Field
_________ developed a theory of goal attainment that defined nursing as a process of human interactions between nurse and patient whereby each perceives the other and the situation, and through communication they set goals, explore means, and agree on the
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Imogene M King
_________ is defined by Imogene M King as the transfer of value between two or more people.
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__________ developed a theoretical nursing model to guide the actions of the professional caregiver through the assessment and intervention processes by focusing on two major components: the nature of the relationship between the nurse and patient, and t
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Betty Neuman
__________ is the focus of the general theory of nursing initiated by Dorothea Owen. It's purpose is to promote independence of the individual.
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