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Stress and Mental HealthPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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How is a psychological evaluation different for a patient being evaluated for stress?
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It doesn't ordinarily include the MSE. It focuses on the person's emotions and the severity and the person's coping strategies.
What is usually associated with an inability to cope and severe stress?
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Negative emotions like anger, fright, anxiety, shame, sadness, guilt, envy jealousy or disgust.
When is problem-focused coping effective?
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When the patient can accurately assess the situation.
When is emotion-focused coping effective?
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When the client has inaccurately assessed a situation and coping corrects the false interpretation.
In order to diagnose adjustment disorder, how recently must a person have experienced the identifiable stressor that has been causing behavioral or emotional symptoms?
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Within three months of onset of the stressor
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