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Anxiety DisordersPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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Why is it important to monitor BP for patients on venlafaxine?
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It can cause transient HTN in some patients.
What are the most common phobias?
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Situational phobias, natural environment phobias, blood-injection-injury phobias, and animal phobias. Community sampling indicates heights, mice, spiders and insects are the most common specific phobias.
T/F Psychotropic meds aren't effective in treating phobias.
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What is the treatment of choice for phobias?
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Exposure therapy
What are common social phobias?
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Eating, writing, speaking in public or using public restrooms
What class of drugs are used to treat social phobias?
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What role does Minipress have on the treatment of PTSD?
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It has been used to decrease recurrent nightmares in patients with PTSD.
How is Acute Stress Disorder different from PTSD?
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It occurs after a recent exposure to a traumatic stressor with symptoms occurring within 4 weeks , that last for longer than 2 days. The patient must have at least three dissociative symptoms (numbing, detachment, derealization, depersonalization, etc.). If the symptoms last longer than a month, it is PTSD.
What is thought to cause dissociative disorders?
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Extreme internal or external stressors or events. Prevalence is high in people who experienced sexual or physical abuse in childhood.
________ is a form of coping with severe anxiety characterized by a failure to integrate identity, memory and consciousness.
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_________ is the inability to recall important, stressful information, a form of dissociation.
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Dissociative amnesia
________ is characterized by unexpected travel away from home with the inability to recall one's past and confusion about personal identity or the assumption of a new identity.
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Dissociative fugue
_________ disorder is a form of dissociation that involves the feeling of being detached from one's own mental processes.
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What is the difference between primary and secondary anxiety?
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Primary anxiety is not caused by a medical condition or drug use, and secondary anxiety is.
Diazepam/Valium is a common medication used to treat anxiety. What medication is used to treat an overdose of this class of drugs (benzodiazepines)?
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