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Mental Health Assmt ElderlyPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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What are the common risk factors for depression in the elderly?
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Loss of a spouse, physical illness, low socioeconomic status, impaired functional status, and heavy alcohol consumption.
What is the best validated scale for assessing depression in patients with dementia because it uses information from both the patient and an outside informant?
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The Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia (CSDD)
What does the RAID scale assess for?
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What are typical suspicions/delusions associated with dementia?
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People are stealing my things, this house is not my house, my relative is an imposter?
What are normal cognition changes with aging?
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Slowed information processing and memory retrieval
A patient has recently lost his wife and is in bereavement. The symptoms are similar to depressive disorders and adjustment disorder. How long do the symptoms have to last before he can be diagnosed with either?
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Over 2 months
________ is an important and well established risk factor for depression in the elderly.
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What characteristics are associated with an increased risk for committing suicide?
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Depression, hx of attempting suicide, family hx of suicide, firearms in the home, abuse of alcohol or other substances, unusual stress, chronic medical condition, and/or social isolation.
Elders who _________ are most likely to remain healthy, one reason to encourage a pet.
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Believe that they contribute to the welfare of others
What factors have been linked to increased use of mental health services in the elderly?
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Being married and having insurance
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How is quality of life typically measured in the elderly population?
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Contentment over how the person has lived life and the extent to which their life has had meaning.
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