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Delirium and DementiasPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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Dementia caused by Pick's Disease affects the _________ of the brain and isn't distinguishable from AD until autopsy.
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Frontal and temporal lobes of the brain
Dementia r/t a head injury often result from ___________ which may be the underlying cause of the dementia syndrome.
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Substance use?other causes of dementia must always be considered when assessing a patient.
T/F Korsakoff's syndrome is a form of dementia.
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How is alcohol induced dementia different from Korsakoff's syndrome?
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The cognitive deficits span a wider range of functioning that with Korsakoff's syndrome.
Why should people who use street drugs be evaluated for cognitive impairment?
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Neural and cognitve symptoms tend to appear before permanent brain damage, allowing for time to intervene and save brain.
________ disorders are characterized by a memory impairment without other significant cognitive impairments, or impaired consciousness. The person is unable to learn new information or recall previously learned information, with preservation of immediate recall.
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In amnestic disorders, what level of memory is more commonly impaired?
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Short-term memory, the reason for the disorder's presentation of disorientation, common in amnestic disorder
How is insight impacted in people with severe amnestic disorders?
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They often lack insight and adamantly deny the presence of memory impairment even with evidence to the contrary.
Aside from memory problems, what are other signs of an amnestic disorder?
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Disorientation, lack of initiative, apathy, emotional blandness, or personality changes.
How is memantine/Namenda different from other medications used to treat Alzheimers?
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It is a NMDA receptor antagonist and can be used in the the moderate to severe stages. Instead of increasing acetylcholine, it blocks the entry of calcium into nerve cells.
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What are some side effects and cautions for patients on donepezil/Aricept?
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N/V/D (monitor fluid balance), bradycardia. Preexisting asthma or COPD are indications for cautious use of the drug.
What class of medications should be avoided for patients on Aricept?
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What is the dosing schedule for donepezil?
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Once daily at bedtime (all the others are administered twice daily).
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