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Homeless and Mentally IllPsychiatric Nursing: Contemporary Practice

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T/F The seriously mental ill are at greater risk for homelessness than the general population.
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Homeless people with mental illness generally have at least one psychiatric encounter a year, usually at a/an ___________.
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Emergency Department
What governmental act impacted people who are homeless and the services they receive?
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The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act
__________ is an approach to providing care to the homeless that includes emergency shelter, transitional/rehabilitative services, and permanent housing or supportive living arrangements, including a provision for safe havens.
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Continuum of Care
A form of supportive housing that serves hard to reach people with severe mental illnesses are referred to as ________.
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Safe havens
What is the Shelter Plus Care Program?
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A continuum of care program that allows for various housing choices and a range of supportive services for the homeless.
Who benefits from the Health Care for the Homeless Program?
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Homeless persons with AIDS, victims of domestic violence and children in homeless families.
What is the relationship between homelessness, mental illness and substance use?
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The longer the person is homeless, the more likely the person is to suffer mental illness or engage in substance use.
What is considered a major turning point in mental health care?
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The deinstitutionalization of state mental hospitals in the 1960's-1970's. It lead to greater stigmatization of mental illness and increased the homeless population.
________ is the count of all people who are homeless on a given day or during a given week. This statiscal analysis provides a snapshot and doesn't accurately ID people who are homeless intermittently.
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Point-prevalence rate
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What is the priority for people who are homeless and have a mental illness?
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Meeting the basic needs (food, shelter, etc.). Care for mental illness is secondary.
__________ may consist of a halfway house, short-stay residence or group home, or a room at a hotel designated for people who are homeless.
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Transitional housing
How is a Safe Haven different from Shelter Plus Care?
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Safe Havens offer 24 hour residence for an unspecified duration and Shelter Plus Care offers long-term housing and supportive services.
________ is a self help, communal living setting created to foster recovery in persons who are alcohol and substance abusing.
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Oxford House
________ programs are a form of integrated service program that focuses on service delivery to homeless, mentally ill individuals using a mutlidisciplinary team that is mobile and utilizes outreach, care management, rehab services, counseling and advocacy.
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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
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