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Campus Collusion is a test preparation tool to quiz yourself or share with others in a study group. You can create your own flashcards or access those created by other users. Campus Collusion keeps tracks of your progress and knows the questions that require additional practice from one login to the next.


Study for your tests by reviewing your questions from each study set. The review function randomizes your questions and remembers your statistics. Questions answered correctly are categorized and removed from your review session so you'll know when your ready for your test. Got all your questions right? Use the Reset button to start your right/wrong counter for one more review before the exam.

Adding your own questions is simple, paste or key in your questions for each set. Group sets by chapter, test or textbook for future review.

Need one more review for the GRE, NCLEX, MCAT on material you covered your freshman year? Check out the flashcard database for the content you need a refresher on.

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